Profits Plus will keep you properly insured.

Statistics show that the Commercial Insurance expense is second only to payroll and related employee benefits costs.

One critical issue for business owners is how to insure their assets while maintaining control over your second-largest operating cost.


We start with a comprehensive review of your current policies and work diligently until your coverage is bound.


Not only will we save you time while giving you peace of mind knowing your business is properly insured, there is an excellent chance that we will save you money as well.

Why Hire Profits Plus?

Most likely, your insurance premiums keep going up. Profits Plus can help you find the right coverage at the best price and it will cost you absolutely nothing.


Remove the middle man

We do this by removing the relationship between your employee (who shops/buys your insurance) and the insurance agent


Profits Plus is an unbiased certified insurance provider and because they’re independent, they put insurance companies on their toes so that you get the most competitive pricing possible

We do the bidding

Profits Plus handles the entire bidding process from beginning to end allowing your employees to concentrate on other important things.

Easy Decision Making

Profits Plus presents all competitive insurance bids in a spreadsheet format so that you can make the best buying decision.

Our process can't be beat

By controlling the entire process, Profits Plus will either confirm that they’re doing a good job for your company or Profits Plus will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

No cost to you

The entire process costs you absolutely nothing and most likely we will put money back in your pocket that you didn’t know was available. You can’t afford not to call us.

Profits Plus saved us 20% off our insurance renewal and that money went straight to our bottom line.

We had been with the same Insurance Broker for over 15 years and were always happy with their service. Mindy from Profits Plus came in and shuffled the deck, and at no cost to Countryside, earned us tens of thousands of dollars. I sincerely wish we had hired her company years ago. Do the math. Companies can’t afford not to hire Profits Plus.”

William AdelizziCEO, Countryside Industries

What do you know about your current Insurance Agent?

Many business owners leave the design and purchase of their insurance program to an agent that is a neighbor that lives down the street, a golfing buddy or a good friend who will tell you they have handled insurance similar to yours for years.

While all of that may seem to serve your needs, the real question is what is the depth of your agent’s knowledge of the commercial property and casualty industry?

Consider this example; just because a person has been selling cars for 15 years does not mean that they know anything about repairing the engine.  It means that they are a good salesperson.

Has your agent become complacent or are they a rockstar? Profits Plus will find out at no cost to you.  In many cases, Profits Plus will put money in your pocket while making sure you are covered.

Our client base represents a spectrum of industries, including:

Property Management Companies



Wholesales / Retailers

Medical Products Manufacturers


Not-for-Profit Organizations

Professional Service Firms

Financial Institutions

Food Service Providers


Importers / Exporters